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With extensive international experience of crisis management Patricia Kelly has excellent communications skills and during the course of her career has demonstrated an aptitude for strategic planning, quick thinking and critical decision making and judgement, usually with consequences that would be on view to millions of people around the world.

Working with security specialists, computer experts and public relations professionals Kelly offers a bespoke and confidential service to advise clients on how best to prepare for and manage the unexpected.  This proactive approach to crisis management helps forecast potential crises and plan how to deal with them, while retaining public confidence.  The team is also available to give emergency advice about responding to a crisis when it has already occurred. 

Case Study 

Working alongside Griffiths & Company, Patricia Kelly teamed up with a number of specialists to design and implement a major crisis simulation and role play exercise for senior executives in the food safety industry and their stakeholders. In excess of 80 people participated in the all-day event which used actors, journalists and industry experts to test professional reaction to a mythical food contamination scare. This fully interactive event was a perfect demonstration of the difference between gaining and keeping public confidence and the political implications and media fall-out caused by public panic when an organisation has not bothered to take the time to complete a crisis management plan.




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