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Using her exceptional background in print and broadcast news gathering, production and management Patricia Kelly is now sharing several decades of media experience with participants in her increasingly popular media training courses. The courses are based on a common sense approach and designed to instil confidence in participants.  

Kelly takes the mystique and mystery out of media relations and demonstrates how to develop and maintain useful media contacts and relationships while retaining control.  Using video and role-play customised to the specific needs of individuals, clients are given intensive in-depth practical training in television techniques and valuable advice on how to cope with all aspects of television exposure.  

According to requirement, the courses also include preparation for radio and newspaper interviews as well as advice on writing and structuring press releases and preparing for press conferences. 

Designed for small groups, the courses are carried out in fully equipped television studios or can take place on customer premises depending on the preference of the client.  Fees are competitive and prices include a customised training book and individual DVD copies of practical exercises. 

Customised individual training and refresher courses are also offered.

Among those who have benefited from Kelly’s media training are the Coca Cola Company, GlaxoSmithKline, the European Food Safety Authority, CropLife International, Iron and Steel Institute, Europabio, CEFIC, Eurocontrol, American Chambers of Commerce, the European Commission Spokesman's Group, DG Relex and DG Sanco, and the European Gambling and Betting Association.   Kelly has trained senior military personnel and politicians and several major public relations companies and training specialists also call on Kelly's expertise to media train their clients.

“This was a very professionally run course in which the trainers focused on EFSA’s business despite the trainers not specialising in the food area themselves.  A lot of useful information and tips were conveyed in an interesting way and in a short time without participants feeling overloaded with too much new information.”   
European Food Safety Authority



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